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    Even if you clean your home or business on a daily basis there are certain areas and things that you can’t just mop up and hope that they will stay clean or look their best. On certain occasions, you need to put in that extra effort. When it comes to really keeping your living spaces and objects clean a great option to get that extra push would be to go with the services offered by us at Pro Pressure Cleaning Perth! We can take on major cleaning jobs and remove all of the toughest stains and dirt on pretty much any surface!

    About Us

    Our story started out in a strange way. We were once a customer of a company that offered similar services to the ones that we offer today. We took that experience that we had and started brainstorming about how we would provide a better service with the same type of equipment. Thus, we decided to create Pro Pressure Cleaning Perth! We have been working with local and not so local people for many years now and have truly understood that the bottom line in our business is to make people happy with our services! We hope that we have been able to do that so far!

    Our Services

    What is it that we actually do? Well, for the most part, the services that we get called to provide have to with washing out floors and sidewalks. We remove graffiti. We also clean out solar panels! For a service like this, for example, you really should be looking for a company that has a proven track record of being able to wash out these panels. Doing so is not so easy and you don’t want to risk your investment. We also clean roofs and pretty much anything that you would believe can be pressure washed!

    Small two-story houses

    Residential Pressure Cleaning

    There are a lot of areas around a home that you may want to have cleaned out for one reason or another. Most of the times when homeowners give us a call they will want us to pressure wash their floors or roofs. If you have never had your floors pressure washed you are most likely going to be in for quite a surprise. All of our services are obviously performed right on site!

    Solar Panel Cleaning

    Solar panels can be a great way to harvest clean energy plus, they usually allow you to save a lot of money when it comes time to pay the bills. That being said, this will only last if you take proper care of your solar panels. Having them pressure washed properly from time to time could ensure that they will continue working properly for an extended period of time. Protect your investment with cleaning services from the pressure washers in Perth!

    solar panels on ground
    man pressure cleaning roof

    Roof Cleaning

    Quick question, when was the last time that you actually walked on your roof and saw it first hand? Sometimes people can live in a house for decades and never actually set foot on the roof. That is not necessarily a bad thing just as long as you get people who know what they are doing to wash it a couple of times a year. This could prevent different types of debris from building up in your roof and then causing problems. Like leaks, and other types of things that could potentially affect you in the long run. It also wouldn’t hurt to have a roof that can stand out from amongst the rest on the block.

    Industrial Pressure Cleaning

    These types of services that we offer are great in helping restaurants, and restaurant kitchens in specific. They work great to clean up parking lots and warehouses as well as empty lots. We have even been asked to wash down the side of large buildings. There really isn’t much that we can’t do when it comes to industrial pressure cleaning. If you are searching for a company to provide these types of services, congratulations you have just found us!

    Worker cleaning gas or liquid pipe
    Graffiti on brick buildings

    Graffiti Removal

    Waking up to a new graffiti on your property is usually a horrible feeling. We have actually had our headquarters vandalized a couple of times so we know that feeling first hand. Now a lot of times you are unsure how to react. Do you go ahead and repaint the entire thing or is there something else that can be done? We have mastered the art of removing graffiti with our pressure washing machines, so before you go out and buy all of the buckets of paint that you may need to give us a call! We may be able to help out!

    Concrete Sealing

    We know that this is probably not a service that you would actually associate with a company such as ours. We can assure you though, that we have been providing these types of services at better rates than many concrete paving companies out there. If you feel like those cracks in your concrete are really close to becoming a true problem give us a call. We can make sure that they all get sealed up before we leave for the night.


    man pressure cleaning and concrete sealing

    Contact Us For More Information

    So, do you like what you see so far? Our pressure cleaning services go way beyond the specific types of projects that we have just listed. If you are looking for a service that is listed above or one that you believe we will be able to provide give us a call or contact us!

    Graffiti on outside wall

    "My house was a total wreck on the outside after a storm kicked up a lot of dirt and sand. I really did not know what to do until a colleague told me to call Pro Pressure Cleaning Perth. They washed my entire house from the outside and left it looking spectacular!" - Richard D.

    man pressure cleaning residential property

    “I have the people at Pro Pressure Cleaning Perth clean my warehouse about once every two months. I do this to keep the floors from gathering up to much oil from cars and so that the entire place has better look. They are great professionals and I enjoy the results that they provide!" - Collin C.

    solar panels on roof of house

    “My solar panels literally gather up more energy ever since I have Pro Pressure Cleaning Perth wash them every couple of months. They have worked great for me I hope they can do the same for you!" - Tracy I.