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Graffiti Removal

graffiti on tan cement wall

By far one of the worst feelings that you can have as a home or business owner is to wake up one day to a wall full of graffiti. We are not trying to judge here people who do graffiti as an art form. Who we actually are judging are the people who feel entitled to expressing themselves on someone else’s wall without their permission. It is really no secret here that graffiti on walls can make both homes and businesses look bad. In a business, it may even make people shy away from the business keeping potential clients from coming in. Luckily we have found many ways to properly remove them!

Main Goal: Keeping The Original Paint Job

One of the toughest problems with graffiti is that a lot of people think that the original paint job is ruined. When they find graffiti on their walls their first reaction is to head to the store and buy some paint. We usually like to say that having to paint over graffiti should be sort of like the last option. The only reason that you should look at it as primary option is if you wanted to change your paint job anyway.

What Will We Do If It Doesn’t Come Off?  

At times we have encountered clients that want to know what would happen if we are not able to remove the graffiti after we try and pressure wash it off. If what you want to hear is that we won’t charge you if we can’t get it off, no worries we won’t charge you! The thing is, when we arrive at your home or business we will be able to tell pretty quickly what type of paint was used on the wall and how effective our methods will be against it. So you really won’t have to worry too much about wanting refunds!

What Type Of Surfaces Can You Cover?

If there are people willing to graffiti that wall, steel structure, sidewalk or anything of that nature you can pretty much rest assured that we will be there to remove it as soon as they put it up! We have seen our pressure washing methods be able to remove graffiti from all sorts of surfaces. For the most part, we will work on walls, windows and things like that. Pretty much the toughest jobs that we do involve walls or sidewalks. Spray paint doesn’t really stick that well on glass and aluminum. Please see our concrete sealing!

Call in Quickly 

Almost by general rule, the quicker we are able to start washing off the graffiti after it was applied the more likely it is that we will be successful. It is pretty simple, the more that you allow the paint to dry the more it will likely stick to the surface. Therefore making our life all the more difficult. All you really have to do though is give us a call as soon as you spot a graffiti that you don’t like!


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